When and where can I play Rumbleverse?

  • February 8th – Early Access Beta
    • Purchase the Early Access Pack on any supported platform for guaranteed* access to this exclusive Beta
    • PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Early Access Beta

  • The Early Access Beta is a limited play event, which affords invited players an opportunity to play the game ahead of the official release date.
  • Early Access begins on February 8th, 2022.
  • Sign up now for your chance to be selected to play the full game at
  • Players can also sign up for and receive guaranteed access to the Early Access Beta by purchasing the Early Access Pack on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, or the Epic Games Store.

Early Access Pack

  • Purchase of this pack guarantees access to the Early Access Beta, beginning on February 8th, 2022.
  • The Early Access Pack also includes an exclusive cosmetic set, featuring 3 Karategi sets worn by the city's most notorious dojo masters, plus 2000 Brawlla Bills (our virtual currency used in game).
  • The Early Access Pack is available for sale on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, and the Epic Games Store.

Where can I purchase the Early Access Pack?

You can purchase the Early Access Pack for Rumbleverse in the following places:

Do I need an Internet connection to play Rumbleverse?

Yes. Rumbleverse requires a stable broadband Internet connection to play.

Do I need a controller to play on PC?

No. Rumbleverse supports both keyboard and mouse. However, the game also officially supports the Xbox One, PlayStation Dualshock 4, and PlayStation 5 Dualsense controllers. If you use a third-party controller, they may be supported but we do not guarantee that all third-party controllers will work with Rumbleverse.

Do I need to have a Gamepass/Xbox or PS+/PlayStation account to play Rumbleverse?

No, you don’t need a console subscription to play.

Does Rumbleverse have a Battle Pass?

Rumbleverse will have a Battle Pass when Season One starts on February 15.

Will Rumbleverse feature an in-game store with microtransations?

Yes, Rumbleverse will have an in-game store when Early Access starts on February 8th. This allows players to purchase cosmetics to customize their character.

Will Rumbleverse support cross-play?

Yes, you can party up with friends across all supported platforms with your progress saved.

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