I saw the announcement about Rumbleverse. When is the game going offline?

​​Iron Galaxy Studios and Epic Games are very sorry to share that Season Two will be the last for Rumbleverse. Live services for Rumbleverse will go offline on Tuesday, February 28, at 10AM CST.

What happens during the final weeks of play?

We are closing the store and opening the full experience to every player. The current Battle Pass will be granted to everyone. Your XP gains will be doubled so you can fast-track unlocks for every rank. Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos will be live and we’ve unlocked additional accessories and emotes in the game for free as well. In true Grapital City spirit, go have fun throwing down with your squad.

I made real money purchases. What should I do?

Any player who has spent money on Rumbleverse is eligible for a refund of money spent on or in the game. This includes the purchase of a Rumbleverse Battle Pass or Brawla Bills on any platform. We will share a FAQ page with additional refund information soon.

I’m having a problem with Rumbleverse. Where do I go for help?

If you are experiencing problems connecting to Rumbleverse, performance issues, or any other issues preventing you from being able to play the game, you can reach out to Epic Games Player Support for assistance.